Spiritual Sustenance – Reflections on Family by Sr. Chloe Idris

Why were we born at this time, in this place, to these parents, along with these siblings? Why has God chosen this family for us, out of all other families? God in His infinite Power could have caused us to live at any time and place throughout history, yet in His infinite Wisdom He chose [...]

Seeking Arabic from Auckland to Amman, A Reflection by Aarif Rasheed

By Aarif Rasheed My Journey to SeekersArabic Shaykh Faraz Rabbani himself had mentioned during the one of the introductory classes on the Ajrumiyya (a classical primer on Arabic) that one of the most important Bid’ahs (innovations) of our time is to learn the language of the Quran. As someone who had been memorising the Quran from [...]

Explaining SeekersHub Global and its Initiatives – Imam Afroz Ali

By Aashif Sacha I had the honor of meeting up with Imam Afroz during his visit to Auckland, New Zealand last summer. I asked him if I could interview him and his reply to me was “only if I can interview you first”, at first I laughed it off, but then I realised he was [...]

The Believer’s Clarity When Tested: The Power of Patience and Prayer in Responding to Tests and Trials – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this khutba delivered at the Sayeda Khadija Centre, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani gives a powerful explanation of the clarity the believer has in responding to the tests and trials of life. The believer recognizes everything–good and bad, pleasing and displeasing–as being a test. All of life, in reality is a test, as Allah Most High [...]

Love & Intention – SeekersPoint Auckland Launch Weekend by Sr. Chloe

By Sr Chloe Idris This past weekend was the launch of Seekers Point Auckland. My husband and I had booked our flights a month in advance to attend this event, traveling from Wellington to Auckland straight after work. We had both made a personal commitment to attend beneficial gatherings in New Zealand whenever possible, and [...]

Law & Love, A Short Story by Novid Shaid, 2014

  “We have three reliable witnesses,” explained Mullah Ameer, “who are ready to testify that Azmat Khan consumed whisky and consorted with an unknown courtesan during his nephew’s wedding.” And with that, he gazed across the bare room, where Mullah Ghazi sat against the wall, resting against a cushion. The latter looked worried, like his heart was aching. [...]

What Is Sanad Prep? An Interview with Sanad Founding Director, Rehan Mirza

I would answer this question by saying what Sanad Prep is not. Sanad Prep is not simply an ‘Islamic’ School. Sanad Prep is a model way of educating children. It is based on the understanding that every child was and is a soul before it was a body. It is a soul-centered approach that leads [...]

How to Respond to Setbacks in Islam’s Religious Discourse – Habib Ali al-Jifri

  Original post can be found here. The solutions to the setbacks facing Islam’s religious discourse require a unification of efforts and and an assumption of responsibility by all stakeholders involved. They, the stakeholders, are: (1) the scholars/ulama (who have the largest share of the responsibility since every area has it own expertise and this [...]

Facilitating Our Global Connections – a reflection by Sister Lina, SeekersHub Global Blog Editor

I feel I should share this wonderful and heartwarming incident to shed light on how powerful our SeekersGuidance online outreach is. Amran, SeekersCircle South Asia Regional Manager, got a call from Mak Badariyah from Kampung Lonek, a very rural village in Negeri Sembilan where the SeekersCircles KL and Singapore had our mini retreat with Imam Afroz [...]

Living the Arts – Sehar Shahzad by Seema Khan

Conducting the interview for this month’s “Spotlight on a Community Member” was both exciting and inspiring. Sehar Shahzad is an artist who at a young age possesses incredible discipline and focus.  She has dedicated her spare time to the practice of calligraphy, and will soon be able to teach this ancient art to others. Sehar [...]