Know, Understand, Grow – Knowing Yourself to Know God, with Sr Sara and Sirisha

In July 2014, Imam Afroz Ali instructed a workshop entitled, ‘Knowing Yourself to Know God: Character, Food, Environment & Personality’ at Seekers Hub Sydney.  Imam Afroz has travelled to deliver this workshop already in Brisbane, New Zealand and South Africa, transforming the attitudes of those who attended. There are very few workshops that help to [...]

Imam al-Haddad’s Advice to the Spiritual Wayfarer – Muwasala

Reposted, with thanks from Muwasala The Egyptian wayfarer, Sayyid Abu’l-Wafa’ bin Muhammad `Isa al-Wafa’i, requested that Imam al-Haddad make a special pact of brotherhood with him and initiate him on the spiritual path. Imam al-Haddad agreed to this and then gave him a series of counsels. He begins by mentioning taqwa and other obligations and [...]

Six years since my Shahadah – A Reflection by Sr. Chloe

The 28th of March was the 6 year anniversary of my Shahadah, the day that I officially embraced Islam. My Shahadah anniversary is always a time of great reflection for me, and I try to commemorate it by acknowledging my blessings and expressing my gratitude to God for the life He’s given me. The past [...]

Crucifixion of Christ – Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

By Sidi Aashif Sacha Click here for original link This khutba was given by Dr Umar in Georgetown, Guyana. Given that it was ‘Good Friday’ he delivered a powerful sermon detailing the Islamic perspective on the Crucifixion of Christ. [Islamic Perspective on the Crucifixion of Christ] The Muslim belief about Jesus (may peace be upon [...]

Marvelling at the Heart – Reflections by Sidi Suhayb

“Verily, in the body is a small piece of flesh that if it is healthy, the whole body is healthy and if it is sick, the whole body is sick. This small piece of flesh is the heart.” [Bukhari and Muslim] [Marvels of the heart course] Knowledge of the heart is considered to be fard [...]

Key Hadiths on the Names of the Noble Prophet ﷺ

For more on this topic, register for our free weekly class “Seekers Night Class: Studying the Life of the Prophet” with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani From the Chapter on the Names of our Master Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) from Imam Tirmidhi’s Shama’il with Commentary from Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Zakariyya al-Kandahlawi Many titles according [...]

Eating Right: Eating Out – A Luxury or a Necessity? by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

I’ve lately become fascinated with the world of professional cooking and decided to read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, a behind-the-scenes look at the lives (and characters) of those who work in America’s commercial kitchens. While Bourdain might have done a good job with his Parts Unknown television episode filmed in Gaza, the book that made [...]

The Demise of Habib Hamid bin Muhammad Hamid Ba’Alawi – Muwasala

Original announcement via Facebook by Muwasala, reposted with thanks. Please follow them on Facebook for scholarly teachings of the blessed tradition of Hadramawt. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of al-Mansib, Habib Hamid bin Muhammad Hamid Ba `Alawi. He was one of the pillars of Tarim and imam of Tarim’s greatest mosque, [...]

Harms of Aloneness: The Prophet’s Firm Discouragement of Living or Travelling Alone

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) forbade remaining alone: that a person sleep alone, or that they travel alone. [Ahmad, Musad, from Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him)] This prohibition is for discouragement–dislikedness (karaha), as mentioned by the majority of the scholars. [Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir, others] The wisdom in this discouragement relates [...]

Student Assembly: The Way of the Seeker – Student Notes by Sr. Haleema

SeekersHub Global Student Assembly Term 1 2014:  “The Way of the Seeker” How to discern sound scholarship, choose a teacher and the role locality plays in this, Shaykha Zaynab Ansari: [How do we know if it’s sound scholarship?] We have the tools to discern what makes sound scholarship. That is, the Sanad – a direct line [...]