Shaykh Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad


Sh Gibril Haddad

 Shaykh Dr. Gibril Fouad Haddad is a well-known scholar and religious leader. He is respected for his tireless effort and scholarship in defending and promoting the mainstream way of traditional Sunni Islam; for his erudite, meticulously-researched writings and translations; and his commitment to spread authentic Prophetic teachings, as understood by the great scholars of the Islamic tradition.

In 1960 in Beirut, Lebanon, Shaykh Haddad was born to a Lebanese Catholic Family. He later travelled to the UK and America to continue his education. In 1991, while attending grad school at Columbia University in New York, Allah Most High opened his heart to accept Islam.

It was in this same year that he met his teacher Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani of Cyprus, from whom he took the Naqshbandi tariqah. Shortly thereafter, he met Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, who guided him to begin his path in seeking sacred knowledge.

He went on to studyfor about a decade in Damascus, under many esteemed scholars such as Shaykh Nur Al Din Itr, Shaykh Adib Kallas, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqubi, Shaykh Abd Al-Hadi Kharsa, Dr Samer Al-Nass and Dr. Muhammad Muti Al-Hafiz.

He is now an accomplished scholar, religious leader, author and Arabic translator and was listed amongst the 500 Most Influential Muslims In The World. He holds ijazas from over 150 scholars across the Muslim world.

Shaykh Haddad has written dozens of books and hundreds of articles. His most recent is “The Muhammadan Light In the Qur’an, Sunnah and Companion reports.” A comprehensive list of his books is available at www.livingislam.org.

Formerly, he taught at the online institute Qibla. Shaykh Haddad currently resides with his family in Brunei, Darussalaam and is a visiting fellow at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Center for Islamic Studies, University Brunei Darussalam.

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