Answered by Shaykh Ilyas Patel

Question: Assalamailaikum.

My Christian friend has asked me what is the Islamic concept of heaven.  How should I answer this question?

Answer: Wassalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Muslims do believe in heaven and hell, in eternal reward or punishment depending on whether human beings follow the will of Allah and act with justice and mercy towards others in their lifetime. The Qur’an emphasizes moral responsibility from each believer. The Qur’an’s understanding of afterlife is both physical and spiritual.

Bodies and spirits will be joined together and the pleasures of heaven will be fully experienced. Heaven is an eternal abode of peace, mercy and love without any emotions of sadness or pain. Hell on the other hand is an eternal abode of misery, pain and sadness.


Ilyas Patel

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