Significant changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm mean you might not be seeing as many stories as usual. Facebook started prioritizing posts from paid sponsors and a few selective friends over posts from your favorite pages and publications.

While this might not be a welcome move for everyone who uses Facebook to stay connected with friends and favorite brands, it is still possible to choose what you’d like to see on your feed first.

Here’s how you can make sure to see stories from SeekersHub on the top of your Facebook News Feed.

If you’re using Facebook on a desktop

Click “See First” to never miss out on our updates!

The first step is to like SeekersHub’s Facebook page.

Then, hover over the Following button. In the drop-down menu that appears, click See first. This basically tells Facebook that you are interested in SeekersHub’s top-notch online Islamic courses, podcasts, answers and other related events.

You can even choose to receive notifications every time we post a new update.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can even instruct Facebook to notify you every time we post a new update on our Facebook page. To do so, hover over the Following button and click the edit icon beside “Notifications.” Here, check the box where it says, “Be notified when this Page posts content that you might like.”

If you’re using Facebook’s mobile website or Facebook app

Go to Cult of Mac on Facebook, or navigate to SeekersHub’s Facebook page on your mobile device. Tap Following and select See First.

Tap “See first” to see posts from SeekersHub at the top of your Facebook feed.

This will ensure that you see posts from SeekersHub at the top of your News Feed.

Similar to the desktop, you can turn on notifications to get notified of updates on our Facebook page. Don’t worry about being bombed, though, as Facebook algorithmically selects up to five top posts per day and notifies you. To do so, tap Get Notifications.

By default, Facebook only notifies you of new events and Live videos, not about new posts.
To fix this, tap Edit Notification Settings. Now, check the Posts box.

If you want, you can get fine-grained control over notifications in the Edit Notifications Settings window. Here, you can specifically choose to be notified of new posts, events or just Live videos.

That’s it! You should now start seeing posts from SeekersHub on the top of your Facebook News Feed.

May Allah bless you with Tawfiq.

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