On Jihad, Knighthood, and Just War Theory

Show The World What It Means To be Muslim – Linda Sarsour

At a recent UMMA-Centre gala dinner, American-Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour says the time has come for us to show people what it means to be Muslim. She asks her audience, Allah has given each of us so much – homes, families, livelihood and much, much more so what will we say when Allah asks us on the Day of Judgement, what have you given back? We all love the countries our families come from, our “home-countries” or where Muslims are suffering but what does it say about us that we have done so little for those suffering on our very doorsteps?
Watch her passionate call to a live of service and hopefulness.

Linda-SarsourLinda Sarsour is an American-Palestinian activist best known for her media appearances, campaigns for human rights and in particular, her efforts toward  greater justice for those unfairly treated by the American legal system. Sarsour is currently the Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York, USA. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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