Al-Salam means “The Flawless” and comes from the same root as “peace” as entities are at peace when they are flawless.

Salam is also derived from the same word as “Islam.” While Islam is often translated as “to submit”, this is not the best translation. Shaykh  Abdul-Hakim Murad writes that Islam does not mean submission, rather, it entails letting go. This is because Islam is to have your heart let go of the flawed dunya. Thus, we must get rid of the dunya that our hearts are attached to so that we may return to Allah so that our hearts are clean on the the day that, “Children and wealth will not benefit, except whoever comes with a sound heart (qalbin salim).” [Quran 26, 88-89].

Salim also comes from the same root word as Al-Salam. When one has this soundness about them, they become a tranquil soul. Allah say to the contended souls, “Oh tranquil soul, return to your Lord pleased and well-pleased.” [Quran 89, 27-28]. Only through purging the heart of the dunya will one be able to truly worship Allah and find tranquility.

May Allah give us success in purging our hearts of other than Him and being true slaves of nothing but Him.

Allah Impoverished Servant,
-Ibraheem Shakfeh

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