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 Could I have broken my mother’s marriage by touching her?

Question:  I read about hurmat musahara. Now I need clarification. If you touch your mother with lust, her marriage will break. But does this also count if you have a lust for someone else whilst you are touching here? Or if you get a random erection (which may happen any time without any certain reason) […]

Is It Permissible for a Man To Give His Home to His Only Son and Ignore His Daughters?

Question: Is it permissible for a father to give his home to his only son and not divide it among his son and daughters? Is it permissible for a father to love his only son more than his other four daughters who are helping him more than his only son? Answer: Assalamu alaykum, Gifts to […]

How Can I Change My Daughter’s Attitude and Convince Her To Start Praying Again?

Question: My 12-year-old daughter refuses to offer her Salat and recite Qur’an, despite her seeing us fulfill these obligations daily in our household. How can we change her attitude and bring her in line? Answer:Assalamu alaykum, Thank you for your question. I empathize with your challenge to make your daughter understand the importance of praying […]

How Do I Deal With a Mother Who Constantly Backbites and Gossips About Family?

Question: How should we treat our mother in the following situation? When I am talking to her, usually she spends most of the time complaining about her grandchildren on my sister-in-law or my brother or my father. I try to steer her to another topic, but she ends up going back to complaining or backbiting […]

How Can I Get Rid of Thoughts of Being With the Same Gender When the Opposite Gender Has Always Harmed Me?

Question: I’m a teenage girl, and I keep thinking about having a sexual relationship with a woman, and I know it’s haram but are the thoughts haram? I have a fear of men since I was little; every man in my life has given me a bad experience and taken advantage of me even though […]

How Can I Live a Religious Lifestyle When I Find It So Daunting and Overwhelming?

Question: I’m lost. I’m a 15-year-old trying to practice the deen after being lax, but I’m not strong enough for it. I feel like I have to give up all my hobbies, interests, friends, passions; I have makeup fasts and prayers, my family isn’t supportive, my friends aren’t religious and sometimes make fun of me, […]

Was My Nikah Performed Over Text Message for Fun Valid?

Question: I used to talk to a boy over text messages. We (unintentionally in fun) asked each other whether I accepted a nikah to him. This situation took place over text message, and we both agreed to do it as a joke. He asked me, “Do you accept me in nikah with the haq mehr […]

Must I Obey My Father if He Wants Me To Ask Him All of My Fiqh Questions and Not Ask Elsewhere?

Question: If my father commanded me to ask him concerning any questions I have about the deen, and my father is not a scholar but instead a layman, am I obliged to follow his command considering it will cause a lot of problems, especially as some of my questions may be complicated, or I may […]

Am I Sinful for Not Contacting My Relatives As I Am Introverted and Socializing Gives Me Anxiety?

Question: I am somewhat of an introvert; being an only child I was very much accustomed to solitude and in recent years I have come to realize I also suffer from social anxiety. The thought of picking up the phone to speak to a relative is unpleasant and causes anxiety but my parents sometimes expect […]

Order of make up prayer

Question: If you pray your fajr prayer and zuhr prayer but miss your asr for whatever reason, do you pray the 4 rakah qadha of asr at maghrib time but before the maghrib prayer or after completing maghrib? Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Merciful and Compassionate Assalamu alaikum, I hope you’re doing well, […]