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SeekersGuidance Istanbul Campus Enters Second Year at Historic Location

SeekersGuidance’s Dar al-Fuqaha program and our Global Manuscript Institute are now both hosted at the historic Sultan Ahmet Madrasa, between the Blue Mosque and Aya Sophia Earlier this month SeekersGuidance penned a monumental agreement with the Sultanahmet Vakf to continue the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary program from  the historical Sultan Ahmet Madrasa. Located between two […]

On the Passing of Shaykh Amin Saraj – Istanbul, 2021

If I see today, it’s only because I stand on the shoulder of giants. Today we lay to rest another giant, one of the last remaining links to a great generation of scholars, who all feel but a distant memory in the hearts of the Muslims. The great Hadith scholar Shaykh Muhammad Amin Saraj departed […]

On the Passing of Shaykh Adnan al-Saqqa

There are men among the believers who honored their pledge to God: some of them have fulfilled it by death, and some are still waiting. (Qur’an 33:23) Undoubtedly, the eyes weep and the hearts grieve out of sadness in our separation from you, our dear teacher. Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we […]

Registration Open: Term Three 2020 at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary

Registration Open: Term Three 2020 at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary As we inch towards the end of the year, we begin our last semester at the Dar al-Fuqaha Seminary. This term we present you with courses from leading scholars including Shaykh Salih al Ghursi, Dr Mahmud Masri, Shaykh Muhammad Qaylish and more! As we […]

Konya 2020: A Journey of Tradition, Service and Knowledge

Every year hundreds of thousands of seekers flock to Konya to visit the resting place of the great poet, mystic, and scholar Jalaluddin Rumi, or as he is more endearingly known by his lovers, Mevlana. The Journey Begins Last week we the SeekersGuidance Istanbul team–accompanied by Shaykh Mahmud Masri–embarked upon a journey to the city […]

Another Term Completed at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary – Courses Coming Soon!

In the midst of all the challenges brought forth by the new realities facing us during this global pandemic, the SeekersGuidance Istanbul Team has been working tirelessly to continue bringing life-changing knowledge to students from around the world. Last week, The SeekersGuidance Istanbul Team finished the second term of lessons at the Dar al Fuqaha […]

The SeekersGuidance Summer 2020 Intensive: Reflections and Testimonials

The SeekersGuidance Summer 2020 Intensive offered three programs of study to serve Muslims with varying needs and concerns. Programs included an Islamic Foundations Program, and Arabic Ijaza Program, as well as a Youth Program.The intensive, originally planned to be held in Istanbul before the pandemic, was adjusted and moved online in order to serve Muslims […]

Announcing The SeekersGuidance Online Summer Intensive 2020

Join us for The SeekersGuidance Online Summer Intensive 2020! Spend this summer immersing yourself in an online blended learning environment, students from all around the world will have an opportunity to delve into three areas of study which have been compiled by some of the worlds leading scholars in their area. We are offering three […]

New Beginnings at The Dar al Fuqaha Seminary – Term Two 2020

As spring brings forth new life at the beautiful Mevlavihanesi in Istanbul, a new term begins at the Dar al Fuqaha Seminary, bringing life-changing knowledge to students from around the world. Term Two Classes began on June 6, 2020, the Ijaza Program —with leading scholars including Shaykh Usama al-Rifa’i, Shaykh Khalid Kharsa, Shaykh Ismail Majzub, […]