Job-Opening: Programs  Coordinator

Date: March 2022


We are presently seeking a highly dynamic and fast-paced Programs Coordinator who is experienced in program planning and community engagement within the field of Islami da’wa and sacred activism. 

The program coordinator must be able to work flexibly under pressure in a fast-paced and high-energy environment. 

Key Job Parameters:

  • Status: Full-time (37  hours a week, flexibility with working hours is required.)
  • Location: Flexibility in traveling is preferred.


  • Develop programs: Work with senior management and the internal teachers to develop ideas and themes for on-the-ground programs, and prepare comprehensive proposals for senior management.
  • Program planning: Fully plan and scope out SeekersGuidance programs and develop processes and workflows to address all on-ground logistical and operational requirements before, during and after implementation.
  • Program Implementation & Management: Liaise with facilitators, monitor and evaluate the programs, and provide detailed reporting to senior management.
  • Community Engagement: Build and enhance relationships with key constituencies and strategic partners to garner on-ground support, and sustain relationships with audiences across various communities globally. 
  • Coordination with Internal Departments: Work with the academy, outreach, and development teams to ensure excellent delivery of the programs, optimize SeekersGuidance’s digital content, and expand our reach, impact and support. 

Candidate Profile & Skills:

  • 3 Years of Experience in the field of Programs is Essential.
  • Ability to manage programs, budgets & strategic operations within required deadlines.
  • Knowledge of Arabic (Written & Spoken) is Desirable.
  • Able to work collaboratively across the board, with the capacity to be a constructive team player.
  • Ability to think in strategic terms and a willingness to exercise leadership.
  • Facilitating the appointment of individuals to projects and teams.
  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures.
  • Travelling to on site inspections and project managing events in relevant countries (if required).

The candidate must also have a sound understanding of our core audience, the global Muslim community, and must demonstrate an understanding of core traditional Islamic values. This is to ensure they are able to communicate with audiences effectively.