Starting Live on September 14th

 Monday and Thursday 

10:30 – 11:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Executive Summary

The Aqidah of Imam Tahawi is a concise text for all times, listing what a Muslim must know and believe and inwardly comprehend. This course offers a clear explanation of the core elements of our beliefs as Muslims in Allah, Prophets, Divine Books, Angels, Divine Decree, and the Last Day.

By taking this course, the young Muslim can establish firm roots in their faith which will help them remain firm and educated in the fundamentals of their faith.

Course Summary

This course covers the main doctrine taught by scholars for over a thousand years covering a rich and vast understanding of the faith of the Muslims.

It is offered for the youth in a way that will allow them to develop an understanding of the religion that extends beyond the basics.

This class is taught with the youth in mind, subject matters are condensed to make it appealing and dynamic, also easy-to-understand manner.

This course is indispensable for our Muslim youth who are yearning to learn their religion and attain an appreciation of this vast faith and yet protect themselves from the pitfalls of doubt, innovation, confusion and misguidance.  This class covers a wide range of necessary key elements of true faith and Iman. The commentary will be supported with key ayahs and Hadiths that show the sources of our youth how we derive our guidance from the Quran and the sunnah.

Course Outline

Lesson One: Introductory Concepts: Iman (True Faith)

Lesson Two:  Allah and His Attributes Part  I

Lesson Three:  Allah and His Attributes Part II

Lesson Four:   Prophets and Messengers

Lesson Five:  The Prophet Muhammad

Lesson Six: Angels, Divine Decree, Divine Books

Lesson Seven:  The Day of Judgement and Afterlife

Lesson Eight:  AfterlIfe and the Eternal Home

Lesson Nine: Praise of the Companions

Lesson Ten: The Role of Major Sins

Lesson Eleven: Innovation and Faith

Lesson Twelve: Deviant Sects