This is part two of the concise Hanafi primer, Ascent to Felicity, where Imam Shurunbulali (may Allah have mercy upon him) guides readers through the details of fasting (sawm), almsgiving (zakat), the pilgrimage (hajj), the ritual sacrifice (udhiya/qurbani), and the rules of sound ritual slaughter (dhabh) and hunting (sayd).

Curricular Context


This is a second-level course in Step One.

  • Before taking this course, take Essentials of Worship (Hanafi): Shurunbulali’s Ascent to Felicity Explained (Part One)

  • Take this course before all courses in Step Two

Course Outline


Lesson 1
13A: Fasting: Definition, Types & Intentions
13B: Sighting the Crescent (ru’yat al-hilal)
13C: Things that Invalidate the Fast (mufsidat al-sawm)
Lesson 2
14A: The Permitted & The Disliked (mubahat/makruhat)
14B: Exemptions (‘awarid) from Fasting
14C: The Spiritual Retreat (i‘tikaf)
Lesson 3
15: Zakat: Definition, Nisab & Calculation
Lesson 4
16A: Eligible Recipients of Zakat (masarif al-zakat)
16B:  Charity at the End of Ramadan (sadaqat al-fitr)
Lesson 5
17A: Hajj: Definition, Integrals & Necessary Acts
17B: The Conditions (shurut) which Obligate Hajj
Lesson 6
18: The State of Pilgrim Sanctity (ihram)
Lesson 7
19A: The Hajj Described: Arrival in Makka
19B: The Hajj Described: Days 8, 9 & 10 of Dhu’l Hijja
19C: The Hajj Described: Days 11, 12 & 13 of Dhu’l Hijja
Lesson 8
20: The Lesser Pilgrimage (‘umra)
Lesson 9
21A: Expiations for Ihram & Rite Violations (jinayat)
21B: Expiations for Hunting Violations (jinayat)
Lesson 10
22: The Ritual Sacrifice of ‘Eid al-Adha (udhiya/qurbani)
Lesson 11
23A: Ritually Slaughtered Animals (dhaba’ih)
23B: Animals unlawful for Consumption
Lesson 12
24: Hunting (sayd)

What You Will Learn:

  • This course is a detailed explanation of Imam Shurnubulali’s (may Allah have mercy upon him) shortest primer, Maraqi al-Sa‘adat fi ‘ilmay al-Tawhid wa’l ‘Ibadat, translated as: Ascent to Felicity. Though lesser known than his more famous Nur al-Idah wa Najat al-Arwah, it serves as a more comprehensive overview of the central, practical chapters of worship given its inclusion of, particularly, sections on almsgiving (zakat) and the greater pilgrimage (hajj). It also serves as a better introduction to the chapters of worship (‘ibadat) for a beginner student because he focuses on the most important rulings of each chapter, as the transmitting primers (mutun) do, and less on the details. Usually, focusing on the latter before building a solid foundation makes memorisation more difficult than it need be.

Course Requirements: Absolute Essentials (Hanafi) and Essentials of Worship (Hanafi): Shurunbulali’s Ascent to Felicity Explained (Part One)

About the Course Text

Imam Shurunbulali (may Allah have mercy upon him) was a famed scholar of his time, “the shining light of Al-Azhar,” as some described. He brilliantly combined between the inward and outward sciences of the Sacred Law (shari‘a), culminating in the title Abu’l Ikhlas, or, the “father of sincerity.” It is from this point of departure, namely, of the honing of his sincerity for Allah alone, that we can understand the blessed nature and divine facilitation found in his works. His depth and mastery in law (fiqh) was duly pointed out by the late, Levantine, masterful jurist, Ibn ‘Abidin, where he afforded him the title faqih al-nafs, or the innate jurist, a title he reserved for only one other jurist. Imam Shurunbulali’s works are commonplace in traditional curricula, being an important resource for beginners and advanced students, and scholars alike.

Significant Dates

Registration Opens: September 30, 2019

Registration Closes: November 25, 2019

Note: Course material will be available on the first day of classes, October 21, 2019.

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