Executive Summary

This second step in our Online Arabic learning series focuses on specific topics for everyday conversation. This course covers essential vocabulary, expressions, and parts of Arabic culture that provide necessary knowledge in order to converse with native speakers. The student will emerge from this class better acquainted with important working knowledge of the language of Modern Standard Arabic.

Course Summary

Three topics are covered in this course: Introductions and greetings, Countries and languages, and Travelling. The student will learn vocabulary and dialogue particular to these topics, as well as practice writing, reading, and listening to a particular letter with each lesson, using it with short vowels, long vowels, and learning words that contain that letter. At the end of the chapter, new sentences will be introduced to facilitate memorization and fluency of speech, with an element of dictation.

One must learn the vocabulary and expressions given in these lessons because they are essential for daily use. The focus on the letters is also important, in order to enhance recognition of them using the four skills. The writing practice is essential to develop one’s own handwriting and all of these steps together will lead one faster towards fluency and language comprehension.

Curricular Context

  • This is the second course of level one in Learning Arabic.
  • Take this after finishing Arabic 101.

Course Outline

Session One
  1. Vocabulary for greetings and reading a relevant text
  2. Reviewing independent pronouns
Session Two
  1. Nouns by gender and number
  2. Practice a conversation and covering the four skills with the letter Ba’
Session Three
  1. Listening exercise and dictation

  2. Listening and repeating new full sentences for faster fluency

Session Four
  1. Vocabulary of countries and languages and reading a relevant text

  2. Listening and reading about nationalities

Session Five
  1. Writing practice for the relative suffix

  2. Practice the four skills with the letter Meem

Session Six
  1. Listening exercise and dictation

  2. Learning and repeating new full sentences for faster fluency

Session Seven
  1. Vocabulary of travelling and reading a relevant text

  2. Speaking practice about travelling

Session Eight
  1. Writing practice and answering questions

  2. Listening exercise, dictation and repeating new full sentences for faster fluency

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduce yourself and greet others, ask about their nationalities, where they are from, what languages they speak, talk about travelling, and transportation.
  • Understand and use words and phrases related to the given topics.
  • Recognize the name of places, languages, nationalities, and social expressions.
  • Speak to someone who speaks slowly and clearly.
  • You will be able to correctly formulate simple sentences, questions, and answers.

About the Course Text

This online interactive textbook, the first book (Al-Kitab al-Tamhidi) from the Silsilat al-Lissan series is a famous textbook used all over the world in universities for learning Arabic as a foreign language. Its primary focus is developing speaking skills and is known for helping a student speak at a faster pace than the usual Arabic grammar textbook. Its vivid colors, audio clips, and relevant topics to the modern world make it the most useful and practical text for online learning and teaching of Arabic today.