Executive Summary

Revelation is the only form of communication humanity can receive from God. This course looks at what it is, what its main purpose is, how we know it is true, and how it was preserved, Through this, we can be certain that it is from God, and what he have before us the fully preserved book revealed by God.


This could look at the fundamentals of what Revelation is, how it comes, its themes, proofs, and preservation. It gives a clear view of what God wants to convey to His creation and the means by which He does so.

The importance of this topic is paramount due to the many misunderstandings on this matter prevalent amongst Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Unclarity on this topic can leave one open to doubts and misinformation.

This course gives a clear, logical explanation of its subject matter, leaving one with certainty on the divine origin of the Qur’an and its perfect preservation throughout history.

Course Outline

Lesson One: What is Revelation

Lesson Two: Aims of Revelation: Belief, the Honour of the human being, Worship of Allah and Obeying Him, Calling people to purify themselves.

Lesson Three: Aims of Revelation: Marriage, Justice for women, the Umma as a Witness

Lesson Four: Aims of Revelation: the brotherhood of humanity, the nature of miracles.

Lesson Five: The Linguistic Miracle of the Qur’an.

Lesson Six: The Legestalivee Miracle of the Qur’an..

Lesson Seven: The Observable Miracles

Lesson Eight: The Preservation of thee Qur’an: Divine Promise, Mass Transmission

Lesson Nine – Further Proofs: the Structure of the Qur’an

Lesson Ten: The Preservation of the Qur’an in the time of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)

Lesson Eleven: The Seven Dialects

Lesson Twelve: The Preservation of the Qur’an in the time of the Caliphs

Lesson Thirteen: The Qira’at

Lesson Fourteen: Doubts About Preservation

What You Will Learn

  • What revelation is
  • Clear proofs on the truth of the Qur’an.
  • Clear proofs on the preservation of the Qur’an

Course Format: Fourteen Downloadable Sessions