This course covers two texts: Imam al-Bajuri’s commentary on the Umm al-Barahin of Imam al-Sanusi which covers the core beliefs of mainstream traditional Islam along with their key proofs, and Imam al-Damanhuri’s commentary, Idah al-Mubham, on al-Sullam al-Munawwaraq of Imam al-Abhari which is a traditional versified primer to the study of Logic.

The value of matters is known by their ends, and there is none greater than establishing and defending belief in Allah Most High and in what He has assigned eternal consequences to from what He has informed us of. Imam al-Damanhuri’s commentary on Imam al-Abhari’s al-Sullam al-Munawwaraq unpacks the terse expressions of the poem and makes accessible the study of logic, a necessary pre-requisite to truly understanding and appreciating the proofs contained in Imam al-Bajuri’s commentary on Imam al-Sanusi’s Umm al-Barahin, The Foundational Proofs, which establishes not only what we believe in but why it must be true with logical rigour.

Students will study logic beginning with the study of words and how they indicate meanings, then definitions, then propositional reasoning, then deduction, and its application to Islamic Theology, beginning with the attributes of Allah Most High, then those of His Messengers (peace be upon them), then matters of the unseen, the logical proofs for these, then how all of these meanings are contained in the Statement of Divine Oneness, there is no god but God. Additionally students will learn how to unpack the terse expressions of classical texts, preparing them for further study in the Islamic Sciences and in Islamic Theology in particular.