This course contains a study of things we as human beings engage in daily. This could range from how one buys something online, exchanges things and even how one runs their personal business. This course includes content such as what constitutes as a sale, the rulings related to usury, foreward transactions, currency exchange and more.

Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani was once asked, “Why haven’t you write anything on ascetecism (zuhd)?” And he replied, “I’ve written on the rulings of transactions.” Knowing the rulings of transactions allows us to be more god conscious in our daily lives through being mindful in our dealings with people.
The outcomes of this course is knowing the rulings related to transactions at an intermediate level and with clarity.

The Kanz is a precise, nuanced yet comprehensive text, if a student studies this work well, they are prepared to study the advanced works of the Hanafi school of law.