Course Overview 

The first in a series of courses which covers one of the four main primers of the Hanafi school; Imam Nasafi’s Kanz al-Daqa‘iq. It gathers issues from several of the key works of the school to summarize its issues. The purpose of this class is to consolidate previous foundations on the subject and to deepen one’s understanding of the rulings of transactions, covering the chapters of what constitutes a sale, the rulings related to usury, forward transactions, currency exchange and more. 

Imam Muhammad al-Shaybani was once asked, “Why have you not written anything on asceticism (zuhd)?” And he replied, “I have written on the rulings of transactions.” Knowing the rulings of transactions allows one to be more God-conscious through being mindful when dealing with other people. 

The outcomes of this course are to clearly know the rulings related to worship at an intermediate level and consolidating one’s previous study of the subject. The Kanz al-Daqa‘iq is a precise, nuanced and comprehensive text, that prepares one to study the advanced works of the Hanafi school of law.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the rulings related to transactions at an intermediate level
  • Clearly understand the rulings related to transactions 
  • Complete the study of an intermediate work in the Hanafi school
  • Be primed to study the advanced works of the Hanafi school of law