Executive Summary:

Study the life of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, from his birth to the migration to Medina.

Short Summary:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:  “None of you truly believes until I am more beloved to him than his parent, his child and all of mankind put together.”  In order to love the Prophet fully (peace be upon him), and to embody that love by following his example, we must know who he was.   Ustadh Abdullah Misra will help students fulfill both of these key obligations. The course begins by introducing students to the Science of the Prophetic Biography (sira).  Students will examine the origins of the science, as well as the methodology employed to gather and verify the details of the Prophet’s life and certain modernist approaches to the Seerah. After preparing themselves by examining the purpose and manners of studying the Prophetic Biography, students will engage in a detailed examination of the Meccan period of the Prophet’s life, concluding with the Migration (hijrah) to Madina.  Throughout, students will explore not only what the Prophet did, but also how to apply the lessons of his example more completely in their own lives. Students will be encouraged to supplement the course lectures and live sessions by reading Martin Ling’s biography, Muhammad.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The inception, development, and science of Prophetic biography (sira)
  • Mecca before the birth of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him
  • The life of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him, from his birth to the flight to Madina


Number of Lessons 36
Total Duration 34:22:19

“Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward”– The Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)