Course Overview

The Book of Assistance by the great master Imam al-Haddad is vital for gaining spiritual and practical guidance, ultimately forming a balanced understanding of life. It connects the outward with the inward; carefully guiding us through pitfalls and mishaps, so that we may be of those who are protected and guided on the straight path.

An individual’s relationship with Allah in the early years of adolescence is one of the most important phases of a person’s journey on the path. At the heart of the human-divine relationship is Divine love. Divine love and nearness is the pinnacle of all success and happiness.The purpose of all human beings in reality is to attain this nearness to the Divine and to gain gnosis [ma’rifah]. At times this requires an action of the heart, and at other times it requires a physical act, like prayer. 

Sometimes what is required is more subtle, like reflection. The pleasure that is derived from the materialistic world is limited and also short lived. However, the spiritual pleasure that one gains through learning and realization, and acting upon one’s knowledge is something that will be eternally savored. 

This course is essential for Muslim youth in order to learn and acquire a foundation to their spiritual growth. Attaining a pure heart is the single most important asset that one gains from this abode.