Executive Summary

The course aims to look through the biographies of major Companions, male and female. Within the course, we will try to extract practical advice and guidance to apply to our lives. It is through following the guidance of those who came before that we will find success. For this reason, we also hope to instill the love and veneration of the Companions in the student’s hearts.

Course Summary

In this course we will be taking a glimpse into the lives of various Companions of the Messenger, both men and women, to find solutions to our own circumstances by reflecting on how they overcame theirs.

It is this reflection that we hope may lead to emulation and finding guidance in their way.

We hope to acquire practical examples on how to get through the difficulties of day to day life in a manner pleasing to Allah Most High.


  • Increasing in knowledge of the luminaries of the Companions
  • Learning of the difficulties and hardship born by those before us
  • Relating to their situations and applying their responses to our situations
  • Increasing in love and veneration for the greatest generation
Number of Lessons 23
Total Duration 08:54:06