Executive Summary

The Prophet  (Allah bless him and give him peace) is reported to have said, “ I was only sent to perfect noble character” What was this noble character that he came to teach us? In this course, we will delve into some of the meanings of this Hadith and how it can be attained by youth in particular. This is our pursuit.


“Adab is the reflection of wisdom.” 

In this course, we will take a journey into the lush gardens of radiant flowers that grew from the waters of knowledge of the life-giving Muhammadan springs. Youth will learn what it means to have good character and etiquette, not only regarding the pursuit of knowledge, but also in interacting with others and honouring their parents, teachers, and neighbours. Through rich content, this course seeks to instill in young muslims the excellent qualities that the noble prophet left as a legacy to be emulated and followed in our daily lives.

Course Outline

Lesson One – Virtues of noble character

Lesson Two  – Personal manners/adab

Lesson Three  – Manners towards parents

Lesson Four  – Manners Towards teachers/ scholars

Lesson Five – Manners with guests and neighbours

Lesson Six – Manners with friends and other  muslims

Lesson Seven  – kinship bonds and keeping ties / cutting ties

Lesson Eight – Comprehensive description of good character

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the virtues of noble character
  • Gain insight into the character of the Prophet   (Allah bless him and give him peace)
  • Youth will learn how to emulate a  noble character
  • Key hadith encouraging moral excellence
  • Youth will attain an understanding of Islamic morals critical to their spiritual growth