Executive Summary

A study of some key verses of legal rulings in the Qur’an, to understand the wisdom of divine laws. It focuses on understanding the rulings and the wisdom behind their application and legislation. This course will give a deep understanding of Fasting, Interest, Divorce, Inheritance, Sacrifice, Purity, and more.


This course looks at some of the rulings of the Qur’an which are commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted, to show their coherence and aptness for all time and places. It answers common questions, and shows why the Shari’a is a viable source of legislation for all times and places.

In our times, many people question the wisdom of the laws of the Qur’an due to a disconnect between their life situations and the overarching aims of the Shari’a. In order to see the beauty of this proper contextualization is necessary.

Key topics, such as Fasting, Interest, Divorce, Inheritance, Sacrifice, Purity, are explained and contextualized. This will remove common doubts and misconceptions, provide an insight into how the Shari’a has our benefit in mind, and provide an insight into the schools of Fiqh and their approaches.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Worship (2:20) Food, Gratitude, and Slaughter (2:172-173)
Lesson 2: Slaughter (2:173) Fasting (2:183-185)
Lesson 3: Wine, Gamling, and Charity (2:218) Divorce (2:226 onwards)
Lesson 4: Divorce (2:229-231) Interest (2:275)
Lesson 5: Interest and Loans (2:276-280) Orphans and Their Wealth (3:6) Inheritance (3:11)
Lesson 6: Inheritance, Women’s Share (3:11-12)
Lesson 7: Inheritance (3:13-14) Repentance (3:17-18) Financial Maintenance (3:33)
Lesson 8: Domestic Violence (3:33)
Lesson 9: Wudu and Tayammum (5:5)
Lesson 10: Purification, Pledges, and Justice (5:5-8)
Lesson 11: Not Swearing at the Deities of Others (6:108) Divine Prohibitions (7:33) Good Character (7:199)
Lesson 12: Zakat (9:34)

What You Will Learn

  • How to Understand the Wisdom of the Shari’a
  • The Correct Explanation of Misunderstood Verses
  • The Mercy Underlying the Laws of the Qur’an

Course Format: Twelve Downloadable Sessions