SeekersGuidance Global Programs and Tours

As a part of our knowledge without barriers initiative, we have launched “SeekersGuidance Global Programs and Tours.” You now have the unique opportunity to host a SeekersGuidance teacher .

What can you expect?

The SeekersGuidance Programs team will meticulously design and deliver an entire weekend of programs that are contextualized and deeply rooted in the rich Islamic tradition.

We take care of everything from preparing the lesson plans to marketing and outreach. Finally, we leave your community with the ability to connect to the Prophetic Light by introducing them to the guidance and knowledge offerings that are available for free on our online platform.

What we’re looking for?

Host communities that are looking to connect to authentic Islamic knowledge taught by qualified Muslim scholars. Communities will be responsible for providing the following:

  • A suitable venue for the teacher to speak. The venues must be open to the public at no cost to attendees, in order to ensure Prophetic Guidance remains accessible everywhere to everyone.
  • A primary contact that will coordinate the details of the visit with our team.
    An emcee that is able to learn about our teacher and organization, and effectively introduce them to their community.
  • An information table where attendees can receive more information about SeekersGuidance, and make a donation if they wish to support our educational initiatives.

What will it cost?

As a part of the “Knowledge Without Barriers” initiative, we are committed to making reliable Islamic Knowledge accessible to everyone, completely free of charge. SeerkersGuidance Global Programs is no exception to this commitment.

Host communities will not be expected to pay ANY honorariums or fees, but will be required to cover the traveling and lodging cost for the visit.

The Application Process