07 – The Ethics Of Virtue

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY The hallmark of the purification of the lower-self (nafs) is the freedom that the heart (qalb) will enjoy from all material and abstract created things, as well as the heart’s indescribable, ever-increasing joy in nearness to the Divine.  In loving surrender to the Divine is freedom from the vagaries […]

06 – The Spirit Of Human Freedom

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY The aim of every human being is happiness.  We live our lives in pursuit of happiness.  Happiness is relative; it is variegated and actualized differently from one person to another.  And the truth of the matter, as we have seen, is that the relativity of our happiness depends on […]

05 – Runaway Rationality

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY I am not a disembodied intellect (‘aql).  My intellect (‘aql) functions within the Divinely-crafted, holistic system composed of my heart (qalb), lower-self (nafs) and senses (jawarih).  It does not function independently from these other elements that constitute my human reality. What is this relationship exactly?  To put it as […]

04 – Identifying My Politics

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY Who I am in essence is really a function of my impulses, aims and actions.  My lower self (nafs) is either one or a combination of four realities: a cow, a wild-dog, a devil (Shaytan) or an angel (malak).  When my energies and drives are primary directed to hedonistic […]

03 – The Me in the Mirror

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY When I proclaim, “I love,” or “I want,” or “I know,” or “I believe,” what component of my complex identity is speaking?  What is the spiritual-psychological process that produces my value-statements, emotional affirmations and the alignment of my will. Who is the “I” in the me? Who is the […]

02 – A Bleeding Heart

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY The first frontier lies within.  Before we can interpret or attempt to change our outer world, we must first understand our inner world. Why do I exist? Who am I? What is the meaning of life and what is my place and responsibility in it?  If we do not […]

01 – Uniting Mind, Body and Soul

TOPIC ONE – UNDERSTANDING ACTIVE SPIRITUALITY Islam provides a view of human reality that is cogent, holistic and practical, always sensitive to both constant and changing needs of the human experience.  It is from the remarkable and miraculous beauty of Islam that all elements of the human identity are fused together seamlessly: the spiritual heart, […]