Fruits of Faith in the Believer’s Heart, Mind and Actions – Dr. Ingrid Mattson

In this podcast, Dr. Ingrid Mattson explores the concept of faith (iman) and some of its fruits it presents in the believer’s heart, mind, and actions. Faith, she explains, offers hope in spite of the harm in the world and shows us which actions are good for us. She points out that suffering is not contrary to faith, which is certainty in God. Another fruit of faith, she adds, is happiness—both in this life and in the Hereafter. Dr. Mattson explains how faith offers both material and spiritual purpose, offering identity, direction, and certainty in action. It offers perspective, because justice and mercy are guaranteed by Allah. She closes by shedding light on what Allah seeks from us in our relationships with Him and with creation.

This talk was delivered on the 27th night of Ramadan 2018 at SeekersHub Toronto.

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