The Heart of the Qur’an – Tafsir of Sura Yasin – Introduction and Ayah 1-3 (Part 01 of 19) – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus – Al-Maqasid Podcast

  In this 19-part series, Shaykh Yayha discusses Surah Ya Sin, Chapter 36 of the Qur’an, also known as “the heart” of the Qur’an. This initial session covers important introductory matters, such as the wisdom behind the unconnected letters (hurufi muqatta’at) found in the Qu’ran, a discussion on several hadith that mention this surah specifically, […]

Futuwwa (Spiritual Chivalry): To View Wealth As What One Gives – Shaykh Yayha Rhodus

In his book Kitab al-Futuwwa, Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) states that it is from Futuwwa (spiritual chivalry) to view what remains from one’s wealth as what was spent in charity and not what was withheld. Shaykh Yayha mentions that this great character trait derives from a faith-based perspective […]

Futuwwa (Spiritual Chivalry): To Begin Eating Only After Everyone Else Has Started – Shaykh Yayha Rhodus

The next trait of Futuwwa discussed in Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami’s (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) book, Kitab al-Futuwwa, is to begin eating only after everyone else has started eating. Although this trait may appear to be small and easy, Shaykh Yahya explains why you cannot have a leader without this fundamental etiquette. […]

Futuwwa (Spiritual Chivalry): To Show Good Hospitality and To Honor Guests – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

In this session on Futuwwa based on Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami’s (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) book, Kitab al-Futuwwa, Shaykh Yahya continues with the next great trait of spiritual chivalry: showing good hospitality and honoring guests. He mentions the story of what Sayyida Khadijah, radi allahu anha, said to comfort the Prophet, sallallahu […]

Futuwwa (Spiritual Chivalry) – To Love and Visit Each Other and To Care For Strangers – Shaykh Yayha Rhodus

In this next session on Futuwwa, Shaykh Yahya first translates a poem by Al-Habib ‘Ali Bin Muhammad Al-Habashiyyi, which teaches us how to implore our Lord and which can be found in the book Al-Khulasah (The Cream of Remembrance). Afterwards, Shaykh Yahya discusses the next two character traits mentioned in Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al […]

Futuwwa (Spiritual Chivalry): Selflessness towards friends and neighbors – Shaykh Yayha Rhodus

In this seventh lecture on Futuwwa (spiritual chivalry), Shaykh Yahya first discusses the particular provision that different aspects of our being (i.e., physical body, mind, spiritual heart, and spirit) need to thrive. He then looks at two traits of Futuwwa mentioned in Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami’s (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) book, Kitab […]