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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about hosting a SeekersGuidance Study Circle in your community, please email Muhammad Khatree (Circles co-ordinator).

What are SeekersGuidance Study Circles?

Circles are free online community-focused study groups broadcast to centers across the world. Each study group covers key Islamic topics in an inspiring, engaging manner. Circles are led by some of our senior scholars and seek to promote (1) individual faith and learning and (2) community building by gathering together individuals for Islamic learning in their own community and instilling in them the Prophetic concern for service.

Why join a SeekersGuidance Study Circle?

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Be with the group, and beware of remaining alone, for the Devil is close to the one alone, and more distant from two. Whoever seeks the vast expanses of Paradise should hold fast to the group.” [Ahmad, Tirmidhi, and others--rigorously authentic] Unfortunately, many Muslims in the West live in fragmented communities and complain of a lack of direction, or unity—our Circles aims to reverse this.  By bringing Muslims together in their own community through interactive and motivating study groups, Circles hopes to provide for your community a means for it to attain to excellence in a manner befitting the honorific title “Community of Muhammad” (peace and blessings be upon him). Besides what one gains from the services themselves, SeekersGuidance Study Circles also hopes to motivate attendees to become active members of their community by not just helping fellow Muslims, but all those in need. Study Circles are globally accessible, with locally run Circles on nearly every continent. To find out if there is a Circle near you, please click here. Benefits
  • An inexpensive, though highly invaluable way to create a greater sense of brotherhood/sisterhood in your community.
  • Receive exclusive access to lessons, videos, and question and answer services from some of today’s finest teachers.
  • Further your knowledge and faith with others; sharing notes and highlights with fellow attendees in group discussions.
  • Be inspired to make a difference in yourself, and your community.
Registering Study Circle videos, webcast and question and answer service will be exclusively provided to preregistered centers only, and not available to be accessed by non-registered members. Registered centers will also receive access to subsequent web-based study group programs throughout the year (in summer, fall, winter, and spring). To receive access to all of these services, centers must first register their location and local coordinators with the Global Circle Coordinator.

Bring SeekersGuidance Study Circles to Your Community

SeekersGuidance Global would love to bring a Circle to your area, and we are looking for volunteers to help us do so.
  • Are you presently in a study-circle (halaqah) and would like to spend approximately 10 weeks studying a classical text with our qualified teachers?
  • Are you interested in forming a study-circle in your community, but don’t have anyone to lead it?
  • Would you be interested in hosting a study-circle in your home, or at your local Islamic center?
  • Would you like to hear more information about the Study Circles program?
For more information about hosting a Circle in your community, please email [email protected]
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