Masterclass Course Announcement – Tushar Imdad

As-salamu ‘alaikum

First of all, thank you for all the interest in my articles these last few months. It has been a true honour to have so many of you subscribe to my mailing list.

I am so happy to finally announce the first training of 2020.

My professional courses are corporate in quality, typically lasting 6-8 weeks and normally costing between $150-500.

However, I wanted to deliver something much shorter – and cheaper – but still of extremely high value that would be relevant to the many new readers from the SeekersGuidance community.

So I’ve prepared a masterclass requiring only 2 hours of your time, and costing no more than a meal out at a restaurant.

For this training, I draw upon some of the finest tools I have personally implemented and taught over the last 10 years, to show you how to reset the Qibla of your life and ensure all key priority areas – your work, your worship, your family life, your self-development – are aligned with Allah’s good pleasure.

Like all training I deliver, it will be immensely practical. You will see a difference within a week. And the tools I teach can profoundly impact your life week after week.

Click the link below for more details and to register. Can’t wait to meet you on Sunday 16th Feb inshaAllah:

Tushar Imdad

Tushar Imdad (aka Tushar Mohammed Imdad-ul-Haque Bhuiya) is an Islamic Time Management Coach and Educational Entrepreneur. Professionally trained as a high school English teacher, Tushar has taught or managed prominent Islamic schools in Leicester, UK, between 2007-2016. With a flair for managing multiple roles, Tushar is also a GCSE English examiner, a teacher trainer for AMS UK; professional proofreader; former lead instructor at Madrasa Manara; and is currently the Director of Shaykhspeare’s Online English Academy and High Impact Tutors.  
 A long-term student of knowledge, Tushar has studied a range of Islamic sciences at the feet of scholars such as Shaykh Nuh Keller, Umm Sahl, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Maulana Ilyas Patel and Ustadh Tabraze Azam. In 2015 he completed Level 5 of the Classical Arabic Program from the prestigious Qasid Institute, Amman.   
Throughout his varied career, Tushar has always been driven by a passion for time management. Starting in 2009, he has delivered a mixture of workshops, webinars, web-coaching and client visits, attracting delegates as varied as CEOs, corporate professionals, housewives, dentists and scholars from places spanning the UK, US and Middle East. Tushar has published articles and delivered training for, and (now Kiflayn). In recent years he has immersed himself in  productivity systems, learning from world-class experts such as Demir Bentley, the authors of The One Thing, Leo Babuta and James Clear. His recent courses have included  ‘Principles of Islamic Time Management’, ‘Time Tactics 101’ and ‘The Breakthrough Habit’.