Vacancy: Media Coordinator

Date: December 2022


We are presently seeking a qualified Media Coordinator who is experienced in digital media content (recording, live streaming, videography, lighting, photography, podcasts, and basic audio-video editing) to support the Media team in managing their daily deliverables and projects.

Key Job Parameters:

  • Part-time (20 hours a week)
  • Location: SeekersGuidance Canada Centre, Mississauga, Ontario


  • Record, and edit the courses and programs at the SeekersGuidance Canada Centre
  • Stream live programs and events from the Centre
  • Create promo videos for SeekersGuidance Canada, its courses, programs, and teachers
  • Continuously develop skills related to photography, videography, editing, and live streaming
  • Prepare daily reports of media deliverables and projects to the Global Media Coordinator
  • Work alongside the media team to strategize media output from SeekersGuidance Canada and develop and maintain media standards
  • Assist the media team in identifying issues with the content produced and obstacles in media development

The Canada Media Coordinator Must::

  • Follow checklists for the media recording/streaming process
  • Learn and develop skills in audio and video equipment and related software, such as OBS and Restream
  • Coordinate the recording schedule daily, weekly, and monthly with local team/volunteers
  • Ensure consistent communication with the Global Media Coordinator

 Candidate Profile & Skills:

  • Strong Project Management and operational experience
  • Previous videography and lighting design experience preferred
  • Experience with media and content creation, understands the basics of audio and video editing
  • Must be able to speak and communicate well in English, additional knowledge of Arabic is highly preferred
  • Excellent written and oral skills to properly communicate creative concepts and ideas
  • Must be able to work around the SeekersGuidance Canada class schedule and set time to coordinate weekly meetings with the Global team, who are in different timezones
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, and initiative to meet deadlines
  • Experience with cross-departmental reporting
  • Ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • A keen eye for detail, especially regarding media production and output
  • Keen interest in media and content creation