March 10, 2022 2 mins

How Should I Go About Marrying the Man from My Past?

Answered by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad Question I am 27 years old. I have found my way back to Islam and want to become closer to Allah. I have been with a man for six years, and I am no longer a virgin, and I’ve lived with him for the last 3 years. I know I […]
March 8, 2022 2 mins

How Can I Pay Back Stolen Goods if the Company Can’t Be Reached?

Answered by Shaykh Abdullah Anik Misra Question Back in my teenage years, my friends and I used to take food from the canteen without paying. We didn’t know how wrong that was but have now realized we have debts to pay. However, we have been unable to get in touch with the catering company after […]
March 7, 2022 4 mins

How Do I Cope With the Pain and Despair of Committing Fornication?

Answered by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad Question I recently slept with four escorts and kissed a girl at a very young age. I’m so ashamed of myself because I have no hope. I don’t want to brag but Allah has given me a blessed life, a great family, success in school and sports, I believe Allah […]
March 2, 2022 3 mins

How Can I Marry the Man I Love After I Fornicated With Him but Our Istikhara Cam...

Answered by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad Question I found someone and we both want to get married. His father did istikhara and the Syed said that this marriage is not gonna work. This scared us both because we love each other and want to get married in a halal way. I did Zina (fornication) and I […]