Seeking Knowledge

March 20, 2023 3 mins

What Are the Conditions of Self-Study?

Answered by Shaykh Yusuf Weltch Question What are the conditions of self-study? Could you list some essential things to ensure the best understanding? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate The Sacred Knowledge of Islam, the inheritance of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and give him peace) has been preserved […]
March 16, 2023 3 mins

How Should One Go About Practicing Islam?

Answered by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad Question I am 28 years old and studying and working. I’ve been in depression and anxiety for almost four years. The depression comes and goes, but I’ve never seen a doctor. One day, I argued with my ex-boyfriend, I had to submit my research progress the next day, and I […]
March 8, 2023 1 min

What Is the Technical Difference Between the Basmala and the Tasmiya?

Answered by Ustadha Shazia Ahmad Question What Is the technical difference between the basmala and the tasmiya? Answer The basmala is the utterance of the formula Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem. (بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ) Tasmiya, literally means naming, appellation, or designation. This word can be used when naming a person, a stipulation, or anything else. It […]
February 25, 2023 4 mins

Why Was the Woman Reportedly Disrespectful to the Prophet (Allah bless him and g...

Answered by Shaykh Irshaad Sedick Question  I came across a hadith [Bukhari, 5255] in which a woman seeks refuge in Allah (Most High) from the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in front of him. In the hadith, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) asks the woman to gift herself […]