May 13, 2021 4 mins

Fasting Six Days of Shawwal – Ruling, Whether Consecutive, Combining Intention...

In the Name of Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Fasting Ramadan and following it with six days from Shawwal is like continual fasting.” [Muslim, on the authority of Abu Ayyub (Allah be pleased with him)] This is because the reward of actions is multiplied (at […]
February 4, 2021 6 mins

Heart Melting Traditions: The Reality of Your Wealth

Part Three: The Reality of Your Wealth Based on the course by Shaykh Abdullah Misra This is the third article based on the series, The Heart Softeners from Kitab al-Riqaq from the Mishkat al Masabih, presented by Shaykh Abdullah Misra. In the previous article, we learned about the temptations of this world. Our world can […]
December 21, 2020 6 mins

When Hearts Go Hard – Hadiths to Revive the Heart

Hadiths to Revive the Heart Part  One: The Reality of This World by Shaykh Abdullah Misra   Our world can be viewed from the lens of a trial; in both good times and bad, the potential to develop cynicism and callousness exists. It is our duty as Muslims to always remain vigilant such that we […]
October 9, 2020 26 mins

A Commentary on the Hadīth of Women’s Intelligence

A Commentary on the Hadīth of Women’s Intelligence By Iman Badawi   The Messenger of God (peace and blessing be upon him) was no ordinary man.  His words were no ordinary words.  Even as the Quran is inimitable in both Word and Meaning, the Prophetic Speech carries miraculous elements of it’s own.  A miracle is […]