Prayer of Gabriel – Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan

In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Specifically Merciful. I delivered an online presentation on the evening of Isra and Mi’raj which coincides with the 27th Rajab. I dedicated most of the presentation to events that took place during the Prophet’s nocturnal journey from the Haram of Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsa. After the […]

Returning to Our Senses – Shaykh Ahmed El Azhary

It is often mentioned in the Islamic philosophical works, especially those that belong to the Avicennian tradition, that the Intellect (al-`aql), which is an aspect of the Soul, manifests itself at the Brain; and it is often assumed by readers and interpreters that the Intellect’s manifestation is limited to the Brain, especially when it is […]

Empathy and Behavior Modification – Moulana Muhammad Carr

* Courtesy of Neo Marketing In this video, Moulana Muhammad Carr shares the importance of developing empathy with those who are facing tremendous challenges during this trying time of Covid-19. As Muslims it is important that we reflect on the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) who was always concerned about the welfare […]

Islamic Time Management During COVID19 – Sidi Tushar Imdad

With curfew measures and stay-at-home orders in place across the world, most of us find ourselves cooped up at home for much longer than we are used to. Worse still, trying to work or study with multiple family members competing for space and time is a recipe for distraction! Politicians liken the fight with Coronavirus […]

Guidance on COVID19 (Part 4) – Mufti Taha Karaan

* Courtesy of the Muslim Judicial Council In this fourth and final video of a 4 part series, Mufti Taha Karaan advises Muslims on what they should do when they are in self isolation at home. He asks Muslims to reflect on their internal states and morality, and question themselves honestly if they have contravened […]

Guidance on COVID19 (Part 3) – Mufti Taha Karaan

* Courtesy of the Muslim Judicial Council In this 3rd video of a 4 part series, Mufti Taha Karaan discusses what the concept of reliance on Allah really means. There are many individuals advocating for Muslims to shun social distancing and isolation because of their understanding of relying Allah. Mufti Taha explains that relying on […]

Guidance on COVID-19 (Part 2) – Mufti Taha Karaan

* Courtesy of the Muslim Judicial Council In this second video of a four-part series on COVID-19, Mufti Taha Karaan explains the religious rationale and reasoning on why the Friday congregational prayer should be suspended. Additionally he provides evidence from the rich Islamic legacy of when congregational prayers should be prayed at home. By analogy, […]

Guidance on COVID-19 (Part 1) – Mufti Taha Karaan

* Courtesy of the Muslim Judicial Council (South Africa) In this first video of a four-part series, Mufti Taha Karaan advises Muslims to practice social distancing with immediate effect in order to prevent and reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission. The unfortunate reality is that places of worship such as mosques are communal places where […]

17 Benefits of Tribulation – By Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this video, Shaykh Faraz Rabanni goes over a brief treatise by al-‘Izz ibn ‘Abd al-Salam listing the various benefits of trials and tribulations. Now more than ever do Muslims need to understand the divine meanings and wisdom in the trials and tribulations that humanity is facing in the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever difficulty befalls us […]

The Believer, Futuwwa, & Times of Crisis – Shaykh Salman Younas

A few days ago, I visited the local supermarket to stock up on some basic supplies for the home – some rice, canned food, tissues, cleaning items, and medicine. An announcement from the government was imminent, and anticipating a potential decision to close schools, offices, and other public venues and activities, people were rushing to […]