The Key to Loving Allah – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains and reflects on an aphorism by Imam al-Shadhili: “The truest of statements with Allah Most High, is there is no God but God (la ilaha illa Allah) upon purity. And the first of actions to be upon the love of Allah Most High is to hate worldliness, and to have no […]

How Islamic Scholarship Saved Jerusalem and How it Could Save it Again – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this critical and timely talk, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani emphasizes and highlights the crucial role of  Islamic scholarship and scholars in the health and wellbeing of the Muslim community. He gives the example of how the teachings of Imam Ghazali was a key driver and cause of saving Jerusalem at the hands of Salah al-Din […]

The Urgent Priorities for Muslims in the West – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

In this critical and timely talk, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus emphasizes and highlights the urgency of the preservation and dissemination of knowledge, which is the Prophetic inheritance. He continues to explain that Imam al-Ghazali highlighted three principles in his magnum opus, Ihya Ulum al-Din (Revival of the Religious Sciences), that are meant to bring about renewal […]

The Reality of Repentance – Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

In this podcast Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said  calls the believers to realize the reality of repentance, it is not simply repenting and turning to Allah when one sins. But it is to be suspect of one’s repentance. He goes on to mention some secrets of repentance. The one constantly making repentance will make excuses for […]

The Importance of Repentance – Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

In this podcast Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said  calls the believers to realize the real wrongdoing, is in not repenting and turning to Allah when one errs. He also defines what repentance is. Shaykh Faid goes on to emphasize that Allah is always watching, and that we should be heedful of that. He also explains the […]

The High Rank of Sayyida Khadija – Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

In this podcast, Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said  explains the blessings of the high rank of Sayyida Khadija, and how she reassured the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Shaykh Faid goes onto to explain how  Sayyida Khadija was blessed with a number of first. She w as the first to believe, the first to […]

Knowledge & Guidance – Ramadan Renewal Xtra

Struggling to keep on top of your podcast subscriptions? SeekersHub Ramadan Renewal Xtra offers you a bitesize summary of each night’s lessons at SeekersHub Toronto this Ramadan. Catch up on the essential lessons, captured by our media team in this special episode.

01: Knowledge – Renewing Religion: An Overview of Ghazali’s Ihya – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this lesson, Shaykh Faraz gives an overview of the first chapter from Imam Ghazali’s Ihya Uloom ud-Din, the chapter on knowledge. Shaykh Faraz explains Imam Ghazali’s statement that “the purpose of religion is knowledge – knowing Allah”. Shaykh Faraz further explains that all the forms of religion require knowledge. A believer needs to know […]

Renewing Commitment: Four Characteristics of the Prophetic Way – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

The Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) told us: “I have left you on the clear, wide way. (So clear) its night is like its day. None will veer from it except for one who ruins themselves.” What are the clear characteristics and the core aspects of the way of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and […]

Renewing Our Connection to the Life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

“By the mention of the Chosen One (peace and blessings be upon him) hearts come to life” – Imam al-Busiri. In this brief counsel to students of knowledge, Shaykh Faraz emphasizes the importance of regularly connecting with the life and example of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Shaykh Faraz urges students of […]