Sidi Wasim Shiliwala

May 20, 2012 4 mins

Choosing a Medical Career and Following Gender Interaction Rules

Answered by Sidi Wasim Shiliwala Question Is it permissible for a Muslim to pursue a job in the medical field? The reason is because I have heard that it is not permissible for a male doctor to serve female patients. Is this true? In America, it is not easy to avoid female patients. What is […]
April 10, 2012 7 mins

Satanic Whisperings (Waswasa) as a Trial from Allah: Punishment or Blessing?

Answered by Sidi Wasim Shiliwala Question I read the other day on a fellow Islamic teacher’s Twitter, as a type of saying that the way a person reacts to a test and trial from Allah determines whether or not it is a punishment or a blessing in disguise. I wonder this about my waswasa. For […]
March 28, 2012 4 mins

Do I Suffer under Waswasa or Mental Health Issues?

Answered by Sidi Wasim Shiliwala Question I had a question regarding an abnormality I have been having. For the past year or so, I keep dozing off and falling asleep at the most random times of the day. I have tried to get an accurate diagnosis but was unable to get a proper answer. I […]
March 17, 2012 6 mins

Satanic Whisperings Are Making Me Withdraw from Muslims

Answered by Wasim Shiliwala Question I have been a Muslim for about 18 years and have been having problems with a whisper that constantly says to me “you are a devil.” This making me very withdrawn from my Muslim friends and family. I try my best to fulfill all of my Islamic obligations and make […]
October 27, 2011 3 mins

How Do I Repent From the Theft I Committed as a Teenager?

Answered by Sidi Wasim Shiliwala Question When I was about 16, I didn’t really take religion seriously and used to hang out with the wrong people.  So, my question is regarding theft, for we used to steal from different stores.  How do I go about addressing that wrong? The 1st store I stole from is […]