April 20, 2024 2 mins

Are There Specific Foods and Prayers to Improve Mental Health and Make the Brain...

Answered by Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat Question Are there any foods mentioned in the Quran and Sunna to address brain chemical imbalances? I have severe mental health problems. Also, are there any prayers to recite for brain and mental health issues? Answer I pray Allah heals you and all your loved ones who suffer from these […]
April 20, 2024 2 mins

Do the Prayers of non-Muslims Get Answered?

Answered by Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat Question People from other faiths claim to have prayers answered or receive signs, just like Muslims. Is this true, or are they lying? Does the Quran and Hadith speak about this? Answer They are not lying; Allah does, indeed, answer their prayers. He is supremely generous, and He gives to […]
April 20, 2024 2 mins

How to Handle Strong Aggression Problems?

Answered by Shaykh Abdul-Rahim Reasat Question A brother I know has severe anger issues despite being firmly in the Deen. Reciting the Quran, ruqya, and nasheeds has not helped, and while Tildin has, the anger returns when he runs out. Any advice or lesser-known Islamic practice to help? Answer Anger is a normal train in […]
April 20, 2024 3 mins

Can Men Wear Gold-Coloured Jackets?

Answered by Shaykh Irshaad Sedick Question Can men wear the cold-weather jacket, which utilizes silver or gold metallic foil liner (which is claimed to improve heat retention)? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate. May Allah alleviate our difficulties and guide us to what pleases Him. Amin. If the jacket’s lining is […]