Just Forgiving–Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat

Forgiving someone is perhaps one of the most difficult virtues we are called upon to practice. Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat discusses the theme of forgiveness in the life of the Prophets, as well as the Companions. We all are wounded at some time or another. Some wounds afflict the flesh, sapping our strength and affecting […]

Ramadan: The Incinerator of Sins – Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat

Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat writes on Ramadan as the month of purification of sins through the fire of fasting, and what this means. The month of Ramadan is that in which the Qurʾan was sent down as an outstanding, miraculous guidance for humanity; and as unmistakably clear instructions, and as the ultimate criterion [of right […]

Life, The Universe and Everything – Shaykh Abdul Rahim Reasat

Shaykh Abdurrahim Reasat discusses how the burning questions of the soul and the satisfactory answers to them are predicated on the existence of a Creator. Forty-two…! It took Deep Thought, a super-computer built by hyper-intelligent beings, seven and a half million years to arrive at the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe […]