Reflections from the SeekersHub Retreat: “I Want to Study to be an Islamic Scholar”

Reflections from the SeekersGuidance Retreat: “I Want to Study to be an Islamic Scholar” – Allah Centric blog Bismillah. Last month, I wrote about the importance of ensuring access to Islamic knowledge to all segments of the Muslim community. At the conclusion, I requested assistance in raising $900 to help several brothers from inner-city Washington […]

What is SeekersHub Retreat like? 6 Days in the Appalachian Mountains

What is SeekersGuidance Retreat like? 6 Days in the Appalachian Mountains Sr. Whittni Abdullah shares 6 days at the SeekersGuidance Retreat in Cooker Creek Tennessee. Day 1: We have Arrived We have arrived…in the Appalachian mountains, in the heart of the Cherokee nation. We are exhausted. I’m not sure if this program should be called […]

SeekersGuidance Appalachian Retreat 2010 – Overview, Slideshow, and Testimonials

As-salamu alaikum, For those of you who were unable to attend the first ever SeekersGuidance Appalachian Retreat held in Coker Creek, TN from June 25 to June 30, we’ve uploaded the picture slideshow to youtube. You can view the slideshow below: Retreat a Success! Alhamdulillah, the first ever SeekersGuidance Retreat was a success. Over 100 […]

Trailer for SeekersGuidance Appalachian Retreat: Living Faith

SeekersGuidance Appalachian Retreat: Living Faith Trailer Still haven’t made up your mind about attending the SeekersGuidance Living Faith Retreat? Check out this trailer to see what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t attend: Registration closes in two days, so don’t delay!

ANNOUNCEMENT: National Call for Volunteers for SeekersGuidance Appalachian Retreat

Bismillah. As-salamu alaikum, May this reach you all in the best state of health and iman. Ameen. Alhamdulillah, SeekersGuidance will be launching its first ever week-long retreat, “Living Faith: Understanding, Living, & Realizing the Testifications of Faith“, this June at the Coker Creek Village in Tennessee. This 300-acre park is nestled high in the southern Appalachian Mountains […]