Asma Ibret –15 Centuries of Female Scholarship

In this series, Shaykha Tamara Gray narrates the stories of great Muslim women through the centuries, who excelled in fields of Islamic knowledge, science, and philanthropy. This segment features Asma Ibret from the 12th century. Asma Ibret was an artist and a calligrapher in the Ottoman times. She studied with the most famous teacher in […]

Qur’an Illumination: artist Unaiza Karim in conversation

Qur’anic illumination specialist Unaiza Karim conducted a series of SeekersHub workshops in July 2015. They proved to be an absolutely hit with kids and parents alike. Illumination The Toronto-based British artist specialises in the traditional Islamic art of manuscript illumination. You know the stunning and intricate decoration around the opening chapter of your Qur’an? That’s […]