Just Be Muslim, Not A Brand Manager for Islam

We don’t need more brand managers for Islam, says Shaykh Walead Mosaad. Living as good Muslims with sincere concern for others is the best means of calling to Islam, and as Shaykh Walead demonstrates, there are countless everyday scenarios when we can put these words into action. Resources on How Not To Be A Brand Manager For Islam Shaykh […]

"Born Muslims Are Stuck! Why Would Anyone Convert to Islam?"

When Imam Zaid Shakir lived in Syria, he met a gentleman and they struck up a conversation. When the man learnt that Imam Zaid had knowingly embraced Islam, he was incredulous, “Why would you do that? I was born Muslim so I’m stuck. Why would you choose this?” This is an increasingly common phenomenon – […]

I Have Entertained Thoughts About The Disbelief of Another Muslim: Am I Still Muslim?

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: Salam, today I got very angry with someone and through my anger I felt that he had pride. I thought how can a muslim have pride when he knows he will enter hell for that? Then I thought maybe he is not muslim. But I heard that if a […]

Is He a Muslim?

Reposted with permission by Dr. Kamran Riaz, with thanks. A man once came to the learning-circle of Imām Abū Hanīfah (may God have mercy on his soul) and asked the great Imam whether or not his neighbor was a Muslim. He asked the Imam that if his neighbor died, if he had to wash his […]

The Dimensions of the Religion – Excerpt from the Forthcoming Book “Being Muslim” by Asad Tarsin

Being Muslim – “Welcome to the Reading Room” This following excerpt is from the forthcoming book “Being Muslim”. It is suitable for those who are simply curious about Islam, newly practicing, or lifelong Muslims who would like a refresher. It assumes no background knowledge in Islam and systematically covers some of the most essentials aspects needed to […]