The Meaning of the Black Stone – Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

In this deep and insightful talk, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad explains why does one turn to the Kaaba, when “Allah is with you wherever you may be,” and “Wherever you turn, there is the Face of Allah,” as Allah tells us in the Qur’an.

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The Shaykh discusses the reality of the Closeness and Presence of Allah, and how it is we who are distant from Allah. We are but shadows, and our lives are but fleeting things. But the Most True is the Truth of every situation. The Self-Sustaining (al-Qayyum), who sustains all things.

Listen to this brilliant lesson, and reflect.

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad is Dean of the Cambridge Muslim College, UK, which trains imams for British mosques. In 2010 he was voted Britain’s most influential Muslim thinker by Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre.
He has translated a number of books from the Arabic, including several sections of Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya’ Ulum al-Din.
His most recent book is Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions, in which he deals with a range of modern social and political controversies.
Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, a Sunni Muslim, regularly leads Jum’a prayers at the Cambridge central mosque, and has spoken in major mosques in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, and the United States. Recordings of his talks are available on the Cambridge Khutbas website. His articles have appeared in The Independent, the London Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Catholic Herald, Islamica, Zaman, the Times Literary Supplement, and Prospect. He is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day
Under Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s guidance, Cambridge Muslim College is tackling the urgent challenges faced by the Muslim community by upskilling our future leaders.
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A Beautiful Rendition of Na’t al-Baratina, by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

A beautiful rendition of this rare qasida, by Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad and Harmonia Alcorani. Recorded in Cambridge, United Kingdom in March, 2014. Consider expressing your enjoyment of this qasida by donating to the Cambridge Mosque Project.


hal min mugheethi li min ba’ath  fi nafsin min huznin wa min asa
qad awal al’umru fi sayil harami fi al-subhi wa fi al-masaa’
fi tarki al awla maqtu al-mawla li al-qalbi alladhi qasa
laakin al-Bari li al-munadi mana
nooran fi al-qalbi rasa

Can anyone save me from my soul’s grieving and regret?
My life is past, spent on forbidden things from morning to night
Leaving what is right brings the Lord’s anger on the hard heart
But now the Creator has blessed the petitioner with a light in the soul

Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Al Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa

Ya kashiha al-muhibbi kam talumuni ala hal al gharam
wal ishqu sirru al qalbi dhada li lanahu ila al-mustaham
man dhaqa khamra al-ashiqeena dhaqa a’3dhaba al-mudam
hadha sirati mustaqeeman laa yunalu bi fani al-kalam

O reproacher of the lover, you blame me much for this passion!
But passion is the heart’s secret, known only to lovers
Whoever tastes the lovers’ drink has tasted the sweetest wine
This is my path, straight, unreached by artful words

Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Al Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa

sara fi laylati al-isra’ee dhahiran bi ‘alami al-khafa
Danaa min rabbi al-arshi hatana la min atayahu al-awfa
ma zarat aynu al mustafa fa kanat ‘ahdan wa wafa
hadha al-nabi adrik bihi nawaal man wa manazil al-safa

On the eve of ascension he rose, apparent in the hidden world
So near he drew to the throne’s Lord, that he gained His fullest gift
The Chosen One’s eye swerved not; it was both promise and fulfilment
This is the Prophet, by him attain to degrees of purity!

Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Al Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa

Shafi’ee ‘inda hauli al-hashri rafi’an li ghayati al-amal
Tara al-baraya kubran shu’than khaufuhum min ru’yati al-amal
La ghautha ‘inda dhaqa al-khauf fi heena tanqadi al-ajal
ila bi man alayhi man al-maula bi qabooli wa al-kamal

The mediator at the temporal gathering, raised to the limit of hope
You will see creation in great disorder (out of) fear from the vision of (their) actions
No help from the taste of fear (will come) until the appointed examination
Except for the one who has been gifted by the Master with acceptance and perfection

Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Al Mustafa
Ya Rabbana Ya Maulana Salli ‘Ala Muhammad Mustafa

لَانَا صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّدْ مُصْطَفَى يَا رَبَّنَا يَا مَوْلَانَا صَلِّ عَلى مُصْطَفَى يَا رَبَّنَا يَا مَوْلَانَا صَلِّ عَلى مُحَمَّدْ مُصْطَفَى هَلْ مِنْ مُغِيثٍ لِي مِمَا فِي النَّفْسِ مِنْ حُزْنٍ وَ مِنْ أسَى قَدْ وَلَّى الْعُمْرُ فِي السَّعْيِ الْحَرَامِ فِي الصُبْحِ وَ فِي الْمَسَا فِي تَرْكِ الْاوْلَى مَقْتُ الْمَولَى لِلْقَلْبِ الَّذِي قَسَى لَكِنِ الْبَارِي لِلْمُنَادِي مَنْ نُوْراً فِي الْقَلْبِ رَسَا يَا كَاشِحَ الْمُحِّبِ كَمْ تَلُومُنِي عَلى هَذَا الْغَرَامْ والْعِشْقُ سِرُّ الْقَلْبِ لَا دَلِيلَ لَهُ اِلَّا الْمُسْتَهَامْ مَنْ ذَاقَ خَمْرً الْعَاشِقِينَ ذَاقَ أطْيَبَ الْمُدَامْ هَذَا صِرَاطِي مُسْتَقِيْمًا لَا يُنَالُ بِفَنِ الْكَلَامْ سَرَى فِي لَيْلَةِ الْاِسْرَاءِ ظَاهِرَاً بِعَالَمِ الْخَفَاء دَنَا مِنْ رَبِّ الْعَرْشِ حَتَّى نَالَ مِنْ عَطَايَاهٌ الْأَوْفَى مَا زَاغَتْ عَينُ الْمُصْطَفَىْ فَكَانَتْ عَهْدَاً وَوَفَا هَذَا النَّبِي أدْرِكْ بِهِ نَوَالًا وَ مَنَازَلِ الصَّفَا شَفِيعِي عِنْدَ هَوْلِ الْحَشْرِ رَافِعَاً لِرَايَةِ الْآمَالْ تَرَى الْبَرَايَا غُبْرًا شُغْثًا خَوْفَهُم مِنْ رُؤيَةِ الْأعْمَالْ لَا غَوْثَ عِنْدَ ذَاكَ الْخَوْفِ حِيْنَ تَنْقَضِي الْآجَالْ أِلَا بِمَنْ عَلَيْهِ مَنَّ الْمَوْلَى بِالْقَبُولِ وَالْكَمَالْ

The Four Friends and Islamic History – Abdal Hakim Murad – Cambridge Khutbahs Etc.

cambridge khutbas etc.

Assalamu alaikum all,

We thought it would be a good time to point you all in the direction of a couple of sets of informative talks given by the Sheikh.

The Four Caliphs

The first set concerns the lives of the Khulafa al-Rashidun, the first 4 Caliphs, ‘rightly guided’. The talks on Hazrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman have already been given (the last one pending uploading to the site) and the last talk entitled ‘Ali: the Mortal Choice’ will be given soon insha-Allah. To view the videos and sign onto the mailing list so that you can take part in the last session live, please visit the following link:

A Crash course in Islamic History

The next set of talks is entitled ‘a crash course in Islamic history’; 7 sessions which was given over the course of a weekend in Oslo in early 2011. The audio has been kindly uploaded and made available by

Picture from the Eski Camii (Old Mosque) in Edirne, calligraphic depiction of the name ‘Uthman’. Taken by the CKETC team.

Duty To God – Shaykh Jihad Brown at Cambridge University

cambridge khutbas etc.: Duty To God

Gold Dome


This is the first of a pair of talks we were blessed to hear in Cambridge recently on the topic of ‘Duty To God, Duty To Society’. In this first part Sheikh Jihad Brown discusses our duty to Allah in light of how we orient ourselves toward Him with courage, consciousness and authenticity. InshaAllah we will post the second of these talks, given by Sheikh Faraz Rabbani, later this week.

Listen to this talk: Duty to God (Shaykh Jihad Brown)

Download this talk (MP3, 60.8MB)

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad – Friday Khutba – The Two Emigrations – Cambridge

cambridge khutbas etc.: Two Emigrations

In this sermon, the sheikh relates parts of the stories of the migration of Musa (peace be upon him) and his people from Egypt to Palestine, and of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Companions from Mecca to Medina. The two stories are of course very well known, but with every re-telling they offer new lessons and inpsiration. Here the two stories are told and compared once more, may Allah allow us to benefit from them.

Listen to this sermon

Download this sermon (MP3, 18.9 MB)