Regarding Sincerity: A Conversation About Truthful Intention and Self Accountability – By Dr. Mahmoud Masri

There’s a story in ‘al-Risala al-Qushayriyya’ of a young man who regularly attended a gathering (majlis), when he heard a shaykh discussing sincerity: how is it, how should it be when performing actions, etc. The young man found this heavy upon himself, and from that day forward he made a firm intention that he would […]

The Believer’s Clarity When Tested: The Power of Patience and Prayer in Responding to Tests and Trials – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

In this khutba delivered at the Sayeda Khadija Centre, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani gives a powerful explanation of the clarity the believer has in responding to the tests and trials of life. The believer recognizes everything–good and bad, pleasing and displeasing–as being a test. All of life, in reality is a test, as Allah Most High […]

Tabah Publishes /Clarity/, Its First Periodical Newsletter – News & Events – Tabah Foundation

Tabah Publishes /Clarity/, Its First Periodical Newsletter – News & Events – Tabah Foundation: “Tabah’s Communications and External Relations Department is proud to announce the publishing of the first issue of Clarity, Tabah Foundation’s periodic newsletter, Fall 2010. The periodical is a brief on the platform of world Islamic discourse and research activities.” Download Newsletter Issue no. 1 (pdf) […]