No limits to how close you can be to Allah – Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

The only thing that will save us is our love for Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him).

In this beautiful Khutba Shaykh Faid gives us examples from the lives of the companions of the Prophet, blessing and peace be upon him, and how they attained closeness to Allah.

Allah raised the Sahaba because of this deen and before that they were nothing. Upon reflection we see that these amazing men, women and children were chosen for this religion and acted accordingly.
Allah chose you for this religion, so appreciate this blessing. He tells us in the Quran “Those who are guided, we will increase them in guidance”
Imam Shafi said “God has chosen you and given you this blessing, look after this blessing. Verily if you disobey God, God will take this blessing away from you.”

We are grateful to Alubudiya for the video.

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Closeness & Thankfulness – Eid al-Fitr Khutba 2011 – Faraz Rabbani at SeekersHub Toronto – Video & Audio

SeekersHub’s Free Islamic Podcast: Eid al-Fitr Khutba – 2011:

In the first Eid khutba at SeekersHub Toronto, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explains that the central lesson of Ramadan–learned through the fasting, prayer, recitation of Qur’an, and other spiritual acts in the month–is seeking closeness to Allah.

It is this meaning of seeking closeness that we celebrate and express thankfulness for on the day of Eid, and which we must strive to nurture past Ramadan, in all our actions of devotion & life.

It is through realizing our neediness to Allah that we can attain this closeness; and it is only through this realization that we can be truly thankful & find purpose in life.


Part I

Part II



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