Cape Town To Toronto and Back, #YourRamadanHub Xtra

Cape Town is home to Dr. Yusuf Patel so he’s no stranger to the blessed company of Muslim scholars and strong, lively communities. As a bonus, the Ramadan fasts are err…considerably shorter in the South African winter. So what possessed him to fly to Toronto and spend the first ten nights of Ramadan with SeekersHub? Find […]

The Hymn of Muslim Slaves: Ratib al-Haddad in Cape Malay History

Our qari (Qur’an reciter) for the month of Ramadan is a young hafidh (one who has has memorised the Qur’an) from the heart of the Cape Malay tradition of South Africa. At a special gathering at SeekersHub Toronto, Hafidh Abdullah Francis recited the Ratib al-Haddad, which is a collection of invocations and supplications from the Qur’an and […]