”Escape To Allah” – UK retreat this weekend

This weekend, be prepared to immerse yourself in a spiritually uplifting retreat led by his eminence Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said in the glorious serene setting of Staffordshire, Whitemore Lakes, United Kingdom.

There will be exciting activities such as archery, indoor football, canoeing as well as inspiring lectures, motivating Islamic workshops and circles, Qiyam ul Layl and more led by Shaykh Faid alongside prominent and respected scholars and teachers.


To book your place and for more information, please contact:

Larayb Institute
[email protected]
Contact Number: 07751603420
Facebook: ETA Retreat
Twitter: @ETAretreat 
Instagram: ETARetreat

The following courses are also currently available at Harrow Central Mosque under Larayb Institute.

1. Arabic Course Weekly 
2. Fiqh Course Weekly
3. Tajweed Course Weekly
4. Hifz Class for Ladies
5. Hifz Class for Girls


Shaykh Faid is a jewel in the crown of traditional Islamic scholarship in the United Kingdom and we at SeekersHub are ever grateful for his friendship, guidance and support. He was born in Asmara, Eritrea, where he studied the holy Qur’an and its sciences, Arabic grammar and fiqh under the guidance of the Grand Judge of the Islamic Court in Asmara, Shaykh Abdul Kader Hamid and also under the Grand Mufti of Eritrea. He later went to study at Madinah University, from which he graduated with a first class honours degree. In Madinah, his teachers included Shaykh Atia Salem, Shaykh Mohamed Ayub (ex-imam of the Prophet’s Mosque, peace be upon him), Professor AbdulRaheem, Professor Yaqub Turkestani, Shaykh Dr Awad Sahli, Dr Aa’edh Al Harthy and many other great scholars. Shaykh Faid has ijaza in a number of disciplines including hadith, and a British higher education teaching qualification. He is currently the scholar in residence and head of education at Harrow Central Mosque, United Kingdom.

Read his articles and watch his lectures on the SeekersHub blog.