The Muslim Household – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

The Muslim Household – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hamza Yusuf is currently visiting the Emirates. He studied there in his youth, and has maintained ties with his friends there over the years. He has been invited back many times to share his knowledge and experience with the people in the place where his journey of seeking […]

Fostering Love and Sympathy Between Siblings – Ustadha Shireen Ahmed

The following is a sample of what you can learn taking SeekersHub Global’s Islamic Parenting: Raising Upright Children course. The Course starts September 1st, 2014, so register soon! A couple words of advice:Fostering love and sympathy between siblings may seem like an uphill battle at times, however this forum is very key in how your children learn […]

Muslim Scholars On Spousal Abuse: “In Islamic law it is absolutely unlawful to abuse a wife, injure her, or insult her dignity.” – Allahcentric

Muslim Scholars On Spousal Abuse Courtesy of Sidi Khuram’s exhaustive research at Allahcentric Regarding the recent UAE Federal Supreme Court ruling stating that a husband can beat his wife and children so long as no marks are left (reminiscent of Guantanamo-style torture sessions), Shaykh Jihad Brown of the Tabah Foundation responds that spousal abuse is […]