Waking Up with a Spot on Groin and Dealing with Baseless Misgivings (Waswasa)

Answered by Shaykh Faraz A. Khan Question: (1) I wanted to ask what if someone wakes up in the morning with a small dried white spot [no more then this => ( )] on groin. Don’t really know what it is and I am not certain if its a wet dream or not. There are […]

The Ghusl of a Shahada DeathBelonging to the B-Type

Answered by Shaykh Mohammad Afifi al-Akiti Question : The Ghusl of a Shahada Death belonging to the B-Type A muslim was shot and the body was discovered a week later because of odor coming out of the apartment. After autopsy, what is [the] proper procedure for burial in regard to Ghusl of Mayit is wajib. […]