Biographies of Influential Muslims – A Reader

This reader gathers various SeekersHub resources on inspiring saints, scholars, and other influential Muslims of the past and present.   Companions and Pious Predecessor Sayyiduna Ja’far: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice Was Uwais al-Qarni Martyred? And a Unique Source for His Biography Biography of Malik ibn Dinar Muadh ibn Jabal and the Night of Mid-Sha’ban […]

The Demise of Habib Hamid bin Muhammad Hamid Ba’Alawi – Muwasala

Original announcement via Facebook by Muwasala, reposted with thanks. Please follow them on Facebook for scholarly teachings of the blessed tradition of Hadramawt. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of al-Mansib, Habib Hamid bin Muhammad Hamid Ba `Alawi. He was one of the pillars of Tarim and imam of Tarim’s greatest mosque, […]