Engaging Our Community – Recognition for The Halal Food Bank – SeekersPoint Melbourne

‘Community engagement’ two words that come to mind when the ‘Halal Food Bank’ is mentioned. An initiative of the Ansaar Project, the Halal Food Bank aims to improve the wellbeing of individuals and families doing it tough. Sadly, there are a number of Muslims – individuals and families, affected by economic uncertainties. As a result, food shortages […]

[Volunteer Profile] Halal Food Bank, SeekersPoint Perth – Faisal Baluch

Packing Day co- ordinator, Shameema Kolia met up with Faisal Baluch to talk about his involvement with the Halal Food Bank Project. Here’s what Faisal had to say. 1. How did you hear about the project? I heard about the project through word of mouth, through friends. 2. Tell us a little bit more about yourself, […]