The Secret to Memorising the Qur’an

Whether an Arabic speaker or a non-Arabic speaker, Shaykh Samir Al-Nass argues that many people have a barrier between them and the Qur’an. Whether we feel we are too busy or too sinful, there is no excuse – this wall must be broken down as it is against the tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him). […]

Reflections on Growing up with the Qur’an by Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad Al-Azhari

Reconnecting our hearts with the Qur’an is the theme for Ramadan at SeekersHub this year. Our resident scholar, Shaykh Ahmad Saad al-Azhari, a master of the Quran, tells us how in this series of lectures. He gives an inspiring insight into how his own father trained him to love and memorise the Qur’an, from a young […]