"We tell you the stories of the Messengers so we may make firm your heart" – Ustadh Salim Mauladdawila

The stories told by and of the Messengers of Allah are not for mere entertainment and neither are the rituals Muslims perform as part of their religious practice. Each one is pregnant with meaning as Ustadh Salim Mauladdawila explains. Of the recorded events in the lives of the prophets, one of the most historically significant is […]

Do Something about it!

A timely call for us to be proactive in these challenging times:- As-Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters, As you very well know, many of us have been attending conferences and forums especially in the last 14 years after 9/11 explaining and speaking about Islam and the Muslim stance in regard to many different issues but more importantly […]

Prophets, Messengers, and the Sunnah

Answered by Ustadh Tabraze Azam Question: I am researching Islam for class and I have the following questions: Q1. What is the count of the prophets and messengers that Allah sent? Is it 124,000? Q2. Out of this count, how many are messengers? Q3. How many were from Arabs? And what are their names? Q4. […]