Mixed Schools and Talking to Other Students

Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan answers a question about how to deal with having to sit next to a person of the opposite gender in a mixed school. Question: Assalam alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuh. I go to a school that is mixed and in one of my classes, I sit near a boy. I do […]

What Are the Principles of Gender Interaction in Islam?

Answered by SeekersGuidance Answers Service Question: Assalam’aleykum, What are the principles of gender intercation in Islam? Answer: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I pray that you are in the best of health and faith, insha’Allah. Here is an answer by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani explaining some of the principles of gender interaction in Islam, highlighting […]

Mixed Gatherings: A Detailed Response Regarding Gender Interaction

Answered by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari Question: Can you please comment on the permissibility of mixed social gatherings and whether its allowed as far as guys and girls going out together that are just friends to dinner or other places? Answer: “And We reveal of the Qur’an that which is a healing and a […]